New world order sooner than you think!!

We are back and we pray  that the information we share with you reaches your hearts and that you are searching for the truth which is the Lord Jesus Christ our saviour. Blessings to you.

We would like to encourage you to read :- Matthew 24

Also transhumanism  the prolonging of life and biological engineering are here and will not be going away anytime soon. A church and transhumanism religion has been founded in America. Anything that will prolong life ie bionics , the rfid chip, etc is accepted and looked on as perfectly acceptable. They are playing with Gods creation !! This world we live in or as we call it the ‘beast system’ want to prolong death for as long as possible due to the fear they have of meeting their maker our God and father.

No topic is off limits. There is so much information out there to prove the times that we live in please research. More to come on this topic soon, and on topics such as the Disney empire and MK ultra mind control part 2, Hollywood and the music industry and how all these things are linked in pushing forth plans for the new world order.

Amen to God our father and sending us his son to save us from our sins. Please repent our friends and ask for forgiveness and rest in the joy that no matter what happens we will be safe in our Lord !!!! Trials and tribulations will fall upon us but with God we can and will endure all things.

James 4:7

Ephesians 6:10

We hope you are blessed and prepared for this spiritual battle we are in. Stay tuned…..




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