Heroes: Reborn

Hi all! Just a quick post cause we have a lot going on around our house at the moment, we’ll be back online next week with another blog.

Wow! We have been watching a couple of new shows of late. One is the new X-Files and the other is Heroes: Reborn. We’ll post more regarding X-Files in a little while, but we just wanted to share a little about Heroes: Reborn.

The series is full of ‘hidden’ references to Illuminati activity, End Times occurrences, CERN (more info to come, but look this up!) and the Mark of the Beast. We would definitely recommend that anyone who is interested in the information we post watch this series. Keep your eyes open and actually look into what you are watching. These shows are presenting a LOT of truth when it comes to end times occurrences, don’t just think it’s a clever plot or catchy storyline – read up, do research and you too will see the truths being revealed through all types of media, posing as a catchy story.

Look at these two images for instance, the first is the Illuminati Symbol and the Second is a screen grab from Episode 11 of Heroes: Reborn.



Don’t be fooled by media outlets, they are all owned and run by rich Illuminati members who support and are pushing for the New World Order, the Mark of the Beast and Population Control. Every movie and TV show coming out lately WILL have symbolism in it and New World Order Depopulation Plot Lines. There are also a lot of TV Shows, Movies and Cartoons from the past which have revealed truths about End Times. They have been showing us for years, hidden in plain sight, because we’ve all been conditioned to just think it’s “all a story”, but is it really?? It’s time to open our eyes and share the truth with our loved ones, family, friends and even strangers… Let’s break this Media Mind Control that the human race has been blinded to – it’s time to stand up, before it’s too late.

That’s us for now, we’ll be back in a couple of days with some more awesome info!!



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